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Demo Reel Journey

We would like to introduce you to the crew at Planet Video Video Demo Reels:

Gerry Sackman took over ownership of Planet Video in 2011 and handles all the Editing. He has been with Planet Video since 2008. He has 4 Emmy awards under his belt, and has been nominated 8 times for his work as Music Editor for “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Star Trek: Voyager.” His role will be to help with all the little details, along with lending his 30 years of post production experience to the creation of your demo reel. Gerry has worked on feature films, and multiple television series, including dramas, sitcoms and movies of the week; along with editing the music for numerous trailers! Additionally, Gerry has worked with Producers, Executive Producers, and Casting Directors in all aspects of production and post production, so he knows what they want and need to see from your demo reel!

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Philosophy of the
Demo Reel

Planet Video has grown to become the premiere Actor Demo Reel company for talented newcomers, working actors and established celebrities.

Our philosophy is geared toward creating a specialized demo that promotes your abilities and uniqueness. We eliminate the superfluous, minimize exposition, and highlight your employable aspects and essences.

That’s right, Virginia, we’re no cookie-cutter demo house. Just ask around. Word-of-mouth speaks volumes.

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